Magic in the Mix

Bringing a variety of colors and finishes together in a space is a move that creates tension—in the best way possible. Embracing beautiful contrasts, Justina selected our Tone faucets, featuring Matte Black and Vibrant Brushed Moderne Brass atop the Peachblow table sinks with console legs.

Create Your Moment

Justina shows how a freestanding bath can create a “Hollywood moment,” as she described it. Our limited-edition, two-tone Peachblow and white Artifacts® claw-foot bath is a timeless statement that can be paired with a range of finishes. Create immediate impact in your toileting space with a Peachblow toilet and paper holder in coordinated finish.

Blissful Retreat

Ultimate control and luxurious performance were the leading motivators for Justina’s selections in the showering space. Justina described her Peachblow bathroom as a space that adapts to your vibrant, colorful self in the morning as well as your neutral, calm self at night.